Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Limerick of Fact

There once as a gov'ner named Palin,
who joined a campaign that was ailin'.
All looks and no brain
won't help the curmudgeon McCain,
with a campaign that is more and more failin'.


  1. Ah Rocket, welcome to the world of blogging! Today when driving into work I was thinking our choice was easy in this November. Close your eyes and listen to each candidate, who do you want representing your country to the world. A strident angry man or a articulate patient gentleman. Think about the first important decision each man made as his party nominee, Obama chose Joe Biden, a solid man. McCain choose Sarah Pailin.

    I might want to share a cup of chili with Sara,I'm a hockey writer and photographer, come from a hunting culture . Oh Rocket, how I would love to question her as one who has hunted as to why she allows plane and helicopter hunting in her state. How I would love to get cozy at the rink and ask her just what she would look for in a Supreme Court Justice. Then report the answers every place possible on the world wide web. I honestly feel that the country is so screwed up now that we are probably looking at a single term president ahead of us. Or if McCain is elected the stress of the job might kill him. ( Just look what has done to Bush and he has been on vacation 1/3 of the time.) If we lost a President McCain and gained a President Pailin, well, you know she can see Russia from her house....It scares the hell out of me.

  2. Right on, and thank God it is.

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. Let's hope the campaign continues ailin' and failin'. Even Canadians are holding their breath, some of us anyway.

  4. Thanks to "anonymous" and "erik donald france" for the welcome messages to blogworld!

  5. Yeah, yeah I'm only "anonymous" off my hockey site.

    Thank heaven feminism has come far enough since we were burning our bras in the 70's that we can be secure enough in our choices in this election to choose a candidate on the issues and not on their anatomy.

  6. anonymous ~
    i would also love to cozy up to sarah long enough to ask some really in-depth questions also. but moreover, i'd love to either be invisible or a fly on the wall at the palin family dinnertime. i bet that's one dysfunctional dinner!

  7. In my alter ego as a fully licensed Rink Rat, I've had the opportunity to see many a Hockey Mom.... Those who can do, those who can't Hockey Mom.... As a whole I've never seen a more pathetic group.
    I especially love that the Carpet set out for "Failin" at the St Louis game Fri night might have cost the Blues their Goalie for the season.....

  8. Hmm... yah I just was randomly doing my homework and found this. I have no idea what this is about, so I'm outa here. Chao!!