Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Local Place To Shop Award

Sorry I didn't get my weekly award blog posting done this weekend. I was under the weather fighting a tooth infection that will culminate in early January as a root canal. OUCH! So, better late than never; here is my weekly award.

This week's award (the "Great Local Place To Shop Award") goes to Vitamin Outlet in the Andersonville neighborhood. Vitamin Outlet is, in my opinion, the best place in town. The staff is friendly, the selection and quality is outstanding, and the prices are so good you'd swear they made a mistake! For what I buy there, I typically save anywhere from 25-50% over places like GNC (rip off store!) and The Vitamin Shoppe. Yesterday I was there to buy a new bottle of multi-vitamins and some protein powder, and I can say with confidence I saved AT LEAST $30! Regardless of your needs, whether you're a vegan shopping for soy cheese, someone looking to try an alternative medication, or a bodybuilder trying to get a break on a supplement price, I guarantee you, this is the place! Stop by for something specific, or just stop by to browse. If you're like me, I always try to shop with a local owner first. I'd rather see my money spent with a local shop owner working hard to maintain a business than spend it with some nameless, faceless corporation. And Vitamin Outlet is worth every penny!

Address: 5158 North Clark (on the southwest corner of Clark and Foster), Chicago, Illinois 60640, 773.334.3348

Store hours:
Monday thru Friday 10.30 - 8
Saturday 9.30 - 7.30
Sunday 10 - 6

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