Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extinct Creature...

I was waiting for the train to take me to work the other day, and I saw something I thought I'd never see again. A creature long thought extinct. This creature once inhabited almost every town and city in most every part of the world. It was a common creature, seen everywhere from street corners and shopping malls to city parks and sports stadiums. Gradually over time, the creature disappeared and sightings became more fleeting each year. I was lucky I had my iPhone handy, and I was able to snap a picture of this rarest and elusive of creatures.

It was known worldwide by its common name, the payphone user. Latin name: Payphoneicus userasaurus.

If you're lucky enough to ever see one, definitely take a picture if you can. You'll be able to show the picture and tell your grandkids how you were one of the fortunate few to catch a glimpse of this quickly vanishing animal.

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  1. There was a payphone by the gas station around the corner from our place. Once in a while I'd see someone out there and laugh that I was seeing one of the three people left in Chicago who doesn't have a cell phone.