Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is it just me...

or does it seem like Michael Steele (RNC chairman and Charlie McCarthy dummy to Rush Limbaugh's Edgar Bergen ventriloquist) has only one tie?


  1. Burned!

    I wonder if he has secret tie codes like Bill Clinton did. Guess that would be a uni-code for him, come to think of it, like a broken record. Maybe it's called "Don't Look Back and hope for the best."

  2. It also looks like he's only got two suits as well.

    The Republican party is so fucked right now. Steele allowed himself to be punked by Limbaugh. To his credit, Colin Powell seems to be standing up to Limbaugh and Cheney-- and of course is being attacked by them.

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  4. yea, i'm really beginning to question colin powell's patriotism...